CAMP 444

About General Orlando M. Poe Camp 444:  Camp 444 headquartered in Cadillac is the newest Camp in the Department of Michigan of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW), established in 2021.  The Camp is named in honor of legendary Civil War and Great Lakes engineer Orlando M. Poe, with the Camp’s number paying homage to Cadillac’s Washington GAR Post 444. 

In addition to paying homage to General Poe, the Camp honors the brave men of the 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics, which many were assigned to General Poe to carry out his engineering tasks.  

Camp 444 was assigned a geographical area of responsibility comprising five counties in northern Michigan which include:  Wexford, Missaukee, Roscommon, Osceola, and Clare.  The Camp strives to document and preserve graves, monuments, and memorials honoring Union Veterans.  

General Orlando M. Poe Camp 444 holds regular meetings 8 times annually on the 3rd Saturday in the months of March, April, May, June, July, September, October, and November in Cadillac at the Cadillac Community Center (formerly Naval Reserve Center Cadillac), 601 Chestnut Street in Cadillac (in partnership with Wexford Genealogy Organization).  Other events and activities are scheduled throughout the year at various locations.

Camp 444's Motto:  "We don't surrender much."



David S. Smith, PDC George R. Scheck

Jeffrey M. Walker Richard W. Denney, PCC

Dale L. Aurand, PDC Brent T. Sible, CC

Jan A. White, PCC Calvin C. Murphy

Rodney L. Welliver Kenny L. Jones

Brent D. Sible Dalten R. Sible